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Building future digital infrastructure in one of Norway’s largest municipalities

Building future digital infrastructure in one of Norway’s largest municipalities

The customer is one of the largest municipalities in Norway. ​

Customer need/ Project scope ​

In the fall of 2017, one of Norway’s largest municipalities decided to renew most of its central infrastructure (datacenter, network, phone, and client platform). Akselera was hired to help define the new architecture for their Future Digital Infrastructure (FDI). This covered datacenter, network, and phone systems. The architecture was designed during the concept phase of the project.  ​

Brief description of Akselera’s role, deliverables and results ​

Akselera acted as advisors and facilitators during the concept phase. As this was part of a large public sector selection project, we had to follow public procurement regulations. The design project started with a dialogue phase in parallel with a survey of existing structures (as-is mapping). We staged dialogue conferences/meetings with more than 15 potential vendors, giving us valuable input on “state of the art” technology within the defined technical scope. Based on input from the market, as-is mapping, and specifications of future needs, we defined a Future Digital Infrastructure concept, which would take the municipality from a traditional datacenter to a state-of-the-art, hybrid datacenter architecture, enabled by a software defined data center solution. Akselera also assisted the customer to realize the concept through the selection and implementation phase of the FDI program.

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