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Selection advisory

We help you select the most suitable IT solution and service provider. ​

When your IT solutions are outdated and need to be upgraded or replaced, choosing the right alternative can be difficult – and mistakes extremely costly. What you need is an experienced and dependable advisor to guide you through the selection process.

With our broad selection advisory experience from various industries and in-depth knowledge of potential vendors and alternative solutions/services, we can help you identify your requirements, evaluate vendor bids, select the best alternative, and negotiate the contract. ​

We have a tried-and-tested selection method that provides insights into how the future solution will support your business processes and cover critical requirements. We provide procurement templates such as Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) documents, and we structure the evaluation process to ensure a fact-based selection. ​

Finally, we support you through the contract negotiation phase to ensure the final contract is precisely drafted and well-balanced. Frequently, we find it appropriate to run a proof-of-concept before the final contract is agreed. We also make sure the contract includes an implementation plan to align expectations regarding implementation approach, deliverables, and qualified vendor resources. ​

Do you want to know more about Selection Advisory, please contact us.