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Application and technology architecture

We deploy a team of business, solution and technology experts to develop the future Application/ERP- and Technology Architecture, designed to secure realization of the defined business strategy.

Based on the defined business strategy we define alternative architectural scenarios and develop the implementation roadmap based on selected scenario.

This service is often triggered by:

Significant changes in a company’s structure through mergers/de-mergers.
The need to utilize new technical opportunities, like AI and Process mining, to obtain a competitive advantage.
The realization that the current technical or application landscape is outdated and not in line with the business strategy or threatening the efficiency of the business processes.

In close collaboration with top management and key resources we review the customer’s relevant strategies. We analyze where the current application portfolio and technical platform stands compared with the latest trends to meet these strategies.
Working closely with internal resources we define and analyze alternative scenarios and recommend the optimal way forward to achieve our customer’s goals.
The final result is a roadmap agreed with the key stake holders, approved by the steering committee.

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