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Performing a project health check for a seismic company

Performing a project health check for a seismic company

Headquartered in Norway, the customer is a leading seismic company, with a presence in 25 countries. It operates numerous offshore seismic vessels and data processing centers.

Customer need/ Project scope ​

The company was in the process of implementing an ERP solution to support is corporate finance and budgeting needs. However, the project was not delivering and suffered from severe delays. There was an urgent need to find out how best to rectify the situation and get the project going again.

Brief description of Akselera’s role, deliverables and results ​

Akselera was asked to help the customer identify project stumbling blocks and propose ways to bring it to a successful conclusion. We performed a project health check based on our tried-and-trusted methodology. This involves drilling down into 13 specific areas through interviews with key resources from management, business operations, and the project itself. The purpose is to evaluate the situation and identify current and future challenges. We then use these insights to plan how to finalize the rest of project. Based on our findings, we proposed a plan for restructuring the project. We also realized that we would have to go back and redo high-level design for processes and the overall solution. The selected ERP solution was very new in the market and its application proved premature, so we had to bring in international consultants and establish a new project organization with the required knowledge. We planned the project based on a combination of agile and waterfall methodologies and delivered the project on time and with the required scope.

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