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Project management of the Future Digital Infrastructure Program (FDI)

Project management of the Future Digital Infrastructure Program (FDI)

The customer is one of the largest municipalities in Norway. ​

Customer need/ Project scope ​

In the fall of 2017, one of the largest municipalities in Norway decided to renew most of its central infrastructure (datacenter, network, phone, and client platform). Akselera was hired to deliver program/project management, architecture and selection advice, and implementation support.  The program involved almost 50 people – mostly internal resources, with external experts in selected positions.

Brief description of Akselera’s role, deliverables and results ​

Akselera acted as program/project manager, in addition to day-to-day management of the datacenter part of the program. The project started with a concept phase, involving selected internal experts in datacenter, network, and phone/switch management. Later, the client side (PCs ++) was added to the program.

The concept was approved by the municipal council in March 2018, and resulted in 6–7 selection and implementation projects, all managed by the program, using internal and external resources.

The selection projects included, among other things, a new data room, a hybrid cloud datacenter solution, a new network hub, digital phone solution, and new clients, all running in parallel, managed by the FDI program. The program and all projects were delivered on time. ​

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