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Project health check to turn around a failing ERP implementation

Project health check to turn around a failing ERP implementation

The customer is one of Scandinavia’s leading end-to-end technical facility management and building services contractors.

Customer need/ Project scope ​

The customer was in the process of implementing an all-inclusive, on-premise ERP software solution. Although partially operational, a huge effort still remained to complete the solution and roll it out. However, the project was suffering from delays, cost overruns, and a general lack of faith in its ability to deliver.

Brief description of Akselera’s role, deliverables and results ​

Akselera was asked to take over the project’s management, but first we needed to analyze its current status. The health check was based on a framework whose methods and templates have been developed through experience from similar cases. Akselera provided a small team of experienced advisors, who quickly delivered a report based on interviews with several key resources from both the customer and the supplier, as well as important stakeholders. The report recommended actions to be taken in several areas, and proposed a plan and organization to bring the project back on track. ​

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