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Product data enrichment and advanced assortment handling

Product data enrichment and advanced assortment handling

The customer is a Norwegian retail company within the DIY and building supplies sector.  ​

Customer need/ Project scope ​

In the Norwegian DIY and retail building supplies industry, product data has mainly been presented as non-structured text fields. To improve support for product variants and enable the use of web-based search and filters, a project was established to enrich, collect, and distribute product features.

The customer needed a fast, structured, and digitalized way to handle assortment changes, in collaboration with product vendors, and improve the way such changes were presented to the retail outlets with locally adapted assortments through the use of modules per product category.

Brief description of Akselera’s role, deliverables and results ​

Akselera acted as project manager and provided business process expertise for the assortment part of the project, which involved:

Initiatives to collect structured product features from vendors, the development of a master data management platform, processes for the receipt of data fields and enrichment of products, and a technical roadmap for distribution solutions to ensure coherent data across retail channels. ​
A description of the assortment change/product lifecycle management process, and development of a prototype web-based collaboration platform for management of the assortment commitment level. This project was a prerequisite for later development of an “assortment commitment contract module” in the ERP-implementation project in 2020 – ensuring a simple approach to industry leading assortment management.​

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