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Passive processing in an SAP environment

Passive processing in an SAP environment

Brynild Gruppen is a family owned brandcompany with a nordic focus who operates in all of the nordic countries Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Customer need/ Project scope ​

Brynild Gruppen import raw materials from the EU and export their finished goods back to EU (Sweden/Finland). Both the import and export of the goods are subject to custom fees. Passive processing is a concept where customs authorities recognize raw materials imported from EU as dedicated to production of finished goods destined for the EU market, and only the corresponding added service value is subject to customs fee. The project scope was to design and implement passive processing solution in SAP.

Brief description of Akselera’s role, deliverables and results ​

Akselera consultants covered the solution architecture and the PP-PI SAP module expert roles in the project The project was delivered together with TechWeaver, who provided the technical integration expertise.

The Akselera consultant’s main contribution to, and achievements during, the project was: Design and configure a solution in SAP where relevant imported materials would never be part of the Norwegian legal entity’s inventory, rather consumed directly from inventory owned by the Swedish legal entity. Likewise for the finished goods; these materials would never be stocked in the Norwegian legal entity’s inventory, but produced and issued directly to the Swedish legal entity’s finished goods inventory.

They also ensured that the solution was properly adapted to the processes: supply planning and production planning, raw material purchasing and transfer from Sweden to Norway, goods receipt in Norway, production and packaging of finished products for both Norwegian and EU markets, production reporting and palletization, transfer of finished goods to Sweden.

Service Areas

Brynild Gruppen operates within the segment of fast-moving consumer goods such as chocolate, confectionary (sweets) and snacks (nuts and dried fruits). They have one production plant in Norway situated in Fredrikstad. The annual turnover is about 760 million NOK and they employ about 220 people.​

«“Passive processing” is key business initiative at Brynild Gruppen which significantly reduces the cost of goods produced for the EU- markets. Akselera played a key role in setting up the solution concept and implementing the required changes to our SAP ERP system as well as connected production control systems. Brynild Gruppen can strongly recommend Akselera for future projects.”»

Mirielle TorgersenProject Manager

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