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Operational Analysis & Improvements/ Operational Improvements and Digitalization

We help our clients identify opportunities and solve challenges related to a changing competitive climate, profitability, sales development/ market share, customer satisfaction, process efficiency, new technology, and digital disruption. We use both traditional and newer methods, such as Process Mining and Maturity Analysis, which is in-house developed.​

With our broad industry experience and ability to transfer value across industries, we are asked to help when our customer needs to improve profitability and/or streamline the way they work. We can support in two ways: attend to identify potential benefits and assist in the implementation to ensure profit realization.

We work closely with our clients to make them self-reliant, by transferring our change and implementation expertise, experience, and methodology in all phases, from identification to realization. You find in us a partner who has good references and who has helped other companies to extract considerable profits from similar improvement projects.

We operate after a proven methodology combined with our long experience and references from improvement projects. The methodology includes, among others, quality assurance of a good KPI structure, establishment of a business case, profit identification and a plan for profit realization.

As a first step, we will conduct an initial analysis, understanding the customer’s strategic goals, identifying the As-Is situation and understanding the gap between where they are today and where they want to be in the future. As part of this process, we deliver industry practice To-Be  maps. Then we interview business stakeholders, review documents, analyze and use an internally developed value model to identify improvement opportunities and create a roadmap. We are often called to facilitate and embed potential improvement initiatives and benefits and to plan and execute improvement projects, that leaves a methodology and knowledge transfer that ensures completion. ​

As a result, the customer gets an improvement analysis with a number of proposed improvement actions and identified projects with possible benefits. Further the customer will continue to be able to continue the work through continuous improvement – where Akselera assists in the implementation.

Do you want to know more about Operational Analysis & Improvements/ Operational Improvements and Digitalization​, please contact us.

Jonas Kristoffersson