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Why the master data and migration teams need to be "doubled" in ERP projects

In too many cases the master data management and migration teams are talked about as the weakest link of an ERP implementation project. Many project participants would go as far as saying that these teams are mostly behind schedule, not having the appropriate expertise, never responding as quickly as needed and therefore slowing down the momentum required to meet important deadlines. Why is that?

Since master data is generally used across streams an error within master data can have a big impact on the business processes and operations. Consistent and accurate master data is therefore not just essential when the system is live, but increased data quality throughout the complete implementation project will facilitate for easier and faster system development (customization and programming) and smoother and more thorough testing cycles.

Based on experience, the involvement of business resources is crucial for success, and the sooner the better. Performing training workshops for the master data owners, aligning processes, creating awareness and controlling expectations are important actions necessary already at initial stages. As an example; even though data migrations are usually executed in the later phases of a project, early involvement from the businesses in building migration models/prototypes can help the teams to get the head start they so often need.

Furthermore, workload for master data and migration teams is regularly underestimated, not just by the project management but by the business itself. In addition, many business resources are not allocated full time to the project, which frequently results in conflicts of interest and difficulties to prioritize between the project and the daily business activities. At the end of the day it is the business that will suffer.

Is the answer to some of the addressed problems just by simply increasing the amount of resources in these teams? Just the share number of team members will probably not alone solve the issue, but if they are well staffed at least they and the project stand a fair chance of success. Together with a good master data management and migration strategy, viable plans and experienced leadership the risk of these teams failing will be reduced even more significantly.

Akselera has wide experience from numerous ERP implementations and we have seen what such projects typically struggle with. We have extensive knowledge within the topic and the tools to secure that your master data and migration team has the best starting point possible, and we can assist you along the journey.

By Akselera | 06 November 2017

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