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Lars H. Ringvold has joined Akselera as Executive Advisor

Lars H. Ringvold has taken a role as executive management advisor in Akselera from November 1st.

Lars’ focus areas are ERP, Big Data and IS organization/sourcing. Given his senior executive experience from business and IS positions, strategic analysis and advice will be based on the actual context as well as experience from delivering proven solutions.

Lars has held executive positions in Norsk Hydro, Sapa, EVRY, Kværner, Hilti/Motek and Grøner. He has spent some 15 years in Belgium and Switzerland with global business responsibility.

His IS experience spans from heading Hydro Data/IS Partner, EVRY (Future Proof/Cloud) and Grøner Data (building the software house) and transforming these businesses as part of his leadership. This included implementing SAP to support revised strategy and new global business processes.

His general management experience comes from roles as Executive Vice President in Sapa (Building Systems), Hydro Building Systems, Hydro Business Partner (shared services accounting, HR, procurement, finance and IS), Kværner Oilfield Products, Hilti/Motek and Grøner Building and Industry.

Lars has lead organizations with a span of 40 countries, up to 5000 employees and ~1 BEUR turnover. He has extensive experience in building organizations organically and through M&A, as well as rightsizing after market decline or strategic shift of direction. His experience is equally applicable in both a Norwegian and international context.

By Akselera | 16 November 2015

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