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Akselera as SAP – Sale of Receivables – implementation partner

Akselera was selected to be SAP – Sale of Receivables – implementation partner for an international beverage company.

The objectives of SOR are to improve cash flow, reduce working capital and improve B/S key figures such as gearing. SOR is a financial transaction in which a company sells its receivable, during or after sales invoicing, to a finance company. The finance company pays the sold amount for the company, collects receivables from customers, and charges commission from the company.

In many cases, SOR process is only half implemented. This means that receivable selling and payments are handled manually. Due to manual process, the gain of reduced working capital is missed and process is neither standardised nor risk minimised. With Akselera's SOR approach for SAP, we make sure that SOR objectives are reached in the SAP environment.

For our beverage sector Customer, we were responsible for the design and realisation of the SOR solution from the content, process and SAP point of views. Akselera's experts have the unique knowledge of SOR implementations in SAP. Our SOR customers appreciate Akselera's business driven, experienced and hands-on skilled experts. Our tested project approach, system solution and committed experts enabled the SOR implementation success within the original timeline (approximately two months) and budget.

For more information, please contact: Aki Pousar (tel. +358 4056 84243) or Jukka Eteläaho (tel. +358 4055 88544).

By Akselera | 14 February 2014

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