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Implementation services

We help you modernize or replace your core business applications when you lack the resources to do so on top of normal business operations.

Implementing business applications is never just about installing a new IT system. It always involves change. And with systems moving to the cloud, adopting standard processes has become more important than ever. In a fast-changing IT landscape, implementation needs to be swift, with all parties working together to find optimal solutions. Communication, sound decision-making, and a shared vision are crucial. If you want to prevent key people in your organization from being overloaded with both project work and line tasks, it is smart to bring in external help.

We reinforce our customers’ teams, providing resources where the project lacks capacity or expertise. Our consultants can take leadership of project management, business process change, test management, change management, training, and data migration tasks. We ensure effective project execution and cooperation, both within your organization and with the vendors. ​

We have in-depth knowledge of most ERP solutions, such as SAP, IFS, Microsoft, Oracle, and Infor, either through in-house resources or through our network of partners. As part of our Implementation services, we

Assist in finalizing the contract, ensuring that it includes a clear specification of vendor and customer deliverables. ​
Recommend a project model depending on scope, complexity, organization, competence, and localization.

Apply an approach that includes prototyping to confirm solutions, as opposed to weighty and complicated documentation.

Facilitate teamwork to ensure productive cooperation between customer and vendor. ​
Ensure the organization’s ability to utilize the solution and handle application governance after go-live, through established change management procedures, as well as provide training to end-users.

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