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IFS implementation at Odfjell drilling global standard project

IFS implementation at Odfjell drilling global standard project

The Global Standard project involved the global implementation of IFS Oil & Gas ERP Application at Odfjell Drilling.

Customer need/ Project scope ​

The project’s key objectives were to improve business predictability and control through process improvements and standardization. The project covered the process areas: maintenance, procurement and logistics, hire-out, strategic and operational HR, finance, project control, document management, and case management.

Brief description of Akselera’s role, deliverables and results ​

Akselera’s resources were part of the customer’s project team. We filled several project management, advisory and subject matter expert roles in the project. We joined the project at the outset in January 2013, and remained part of the project team through the entire implementation and rollout journey.

The project was run in accordance with the IFS implementation methodology. Business process design was carried out, gaps identified and analyzed and required customizations were specified and developed. Business processes and the underlying solution were tested, data migrated, and training delivered. The pilot went live in January 2015, and included one mobile drilling unit, Deepsea Atlantic. After the pilot was stabilized, the project moved into a rollout phase, with regular go-lives throughout 2015 and 2016.

The project was large and complex, and the implemented solution supports a broad range of business processes with a high level of integration. Examples of business benefits achieved include access to standardized and fleet-wide management information, and improved inventory management offshore.

Service Areas

Odfjell Drilling is a listed international drilling, well service, and engineering company with 2000 employees. The company was founded in 1973 but the maritime roots go back to 1914 and the petroleum engagement back to the mid sixties. The Company has been involved in international drilling operations since the early seventies and has since carried out drilling operations in the North Sea and worldwide for nearly four decades.

«The consultants from Akselera provided valuable experience with ERP implementation in Oil&Gas, and have supported Odfjell Drilling from start to finish in our Global Standard project. The combination of senior project management experience, ERP/IFS competence and Oil&Gas business process knowledge has been an important contribution in our project.»

Tor TjeldnesChief Information Officer

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