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Electronic Patient Journal (EPJ) implementation

Electronic Patient Journal (EPJ) implementation

The customer is one of the largest municipalities in Norway.

Customer need/ Project scope ​

One of Norway’s largest municipalities had selected a new electronic patient journal (EPJ) solution, but was struggling to implement it. Akselera was asked to perform a project health check to assess the status of the project and advise on the best way forward. This analysis was instrumental in providing a roadmap to success.

Brief description of Akselera’s role, deliverables and results ​

Akselera was asked to take the project manager role in this very challenging project. To secure a correct start, we spent the first 3–4 weeks performing a project health check, using our structured approach to this kind of assessment. We interviewed 20+ people, from both the customer and vendor sides, reviewed contract and process/system documentation, and examined the solution in detail. We documented our findings, made recommendations in 13 defined areas, and developed a plan for how to get the project back on track. Based on the agreed plan, we supported the municipality in finalizing the project, including rollout of the new EPR solution to approx. 5000 users.

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