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Efficient warehousing and improved goods ordering in store

Efficient warehousing and improved goods ordering in store

The customer is a leading Norwegian consumer goods retail chain.  ​

Customer need/ Project scope ​

The customer’s current warehouse was too small, and Akselera was asked to do a dynamic capacity assessment and provide recommendations on two topics:

Whether to establish a shared Nordic warehouse or a new warehouse in Norway. Factors to consider included growth, share of revenue through e-commerce, development in the assortment, and the share of goods distributed direct from vendors to shops or through the warehouse.
How to improve retailer purchase behavior through adjustments to process, technology, and assortment guidelines. The objective was to reduce excess stock and enhance fulfillment.

Brief description of Akselera’s role, deliverables and results ​

Akselera led a small team, working closely with business process owners in workshops and QA meetings over three months. We delivered:

Scenarios with recommendations based on interactive simulations performed in conjunction with the client. This eventually led to the decision to rent a new warehouse outside Oslo and invest in an Autostore robot solution.
A plan for recommended improvement actions (process, technology, KPI system, and assortment decisions). The action plan, which was supported by a business case estimating considerable benefits, was subsequently implemented.

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