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Create, thrive and smile with Akselera

  • Be part of a winning team: At Akselera, you’ll work alongside some of the industry’s best advisors with an average business experience of 17 years. As part of a global network of highly experienced, professional and fun colleagues, you’ll work on A to Z on major change management projects for internationally focused clients.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Put your stamp on projects and get recognised for driving value through your unique experience. As part of a strong team, you’ll be challenged to develop new skills, build competence and share your experience working closely with client teams across projects and industry sectors.
  • Professional development: In addition to on-the-job challenges where you work with some of the best professionals in the industry, you’ll be in control of the direction of your career through ongoing professional development including certifications and mentoring.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: A consultancy with a flat hierarchy, we’re all about growth and development of individuals, teams and our business. That means you’ll satisfy your entrepreneurial flair by being involved in all project stages, from market research and pitches to selecting and delivering projects. You’ll make an impact for clients as well as in developing our consultancy – all whilst creating your own workday.
  • A values-driven consultancy: Our entire business model is based on integrity and honesty. We create real business results and value for clients through innovation and experience, succeed together as true partners, and uphold the highest levels of professional excellence.
  • Challenging and caring work: At Akselera, challenging and caring are two of the same. We help clients succeed through integrity, respect and trust, and create collaborative work environments that allow for next level thinking and solutions. The result is inspiring, both for clients and our consultancy culture.
  • We understand the important things in life: We know that while you’re a professional, you’re also a human being. Whilst consultants by default thrive on challenging work, it is also important for you to build your life outside the office. We get it. And we give you this opportunity.

Do you have the Akselera x-factor?

Being an Akslera advisor is about more than providing value through experience. It's about translating theory and practice to sustainable value for clients. This requires an agile and proactive attitude, the ability to turn every stone to find the best solution, and a natural flair for combining experience from transformation programs with proven methodologies and tools.

The Akselera x-factor is described as "high skills and relaxed shoulders". Akselera advisors work together with our clients as one team to create value in a process characterised by respect, integrity, care – and fun. We aren't looking for a big ego, but top tier management consultants with 5 – 10 years of industry experience and a history of delivering high quality long lasting results through collaboration.

As an Akselera advisor, you understand the power of communication as an enabler of successful outcomes, and you have proven leadership skills with the ability to communicate across all organisational levels. If you are as fluent in business as you are in technology, can combine your broad industry knowledge and deep operational understanding with the ability to see the big picture, we want to hear from you.

We are looking for advisors on several levels, both experienced and less experienced, particularly with more than 3-4 years’ experience from consulting or relevant industries. It is beneficial if you have knowledge or interest in some of our service areas; Leadership, Information Technology, Enterprise Applications and Business Process Improvement.

Are you interested to learn about Akselera colleagues?

You are also welcome to leave an open application by e-mail to akselera_recruiting.png

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