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Benefit identification

Using a well-defined process, we identify and analyze the customer’s improvement potential. The goal is for the customer to achieve tangible benefits through a realistic realization plan with clear ownership.

We combine industry knowledge and proven analytical methods tailored to the issues at hand to draw up well-founded proposals for specific improvements and projects that, based on a robust business case, are expected to provide the greatest potential benefits.

We conduct an initial analysis, based on management interviews and workshops, to ensure we understand the customer’s specific challenges. This will form the basis for a more in-depth analysis, involving tools such as:

Maturity analysis
Value driver analysis
Industry TO-BE process maps
Process mining

Our findings are discussed and aligned with management to ensure shared understanding and buy-in. The analysis concludes with a presentation of both quick wins and a proposed roadmap for more long-term improvement. Realization of the roadmap is normally organized in a program.

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