Providing real results with wider perspectives

Our world-class professionals have a combination of industry knowledge, technological expertise and deep understanding of business processes. We design and implement solutions which enable business to create, and sustain a competitive advantage, which differentiates them in the marketplace. Delivering the right solution on the right platform to the right people will improve the overall business process execution.

Application Strategy and Package selection

We help you align application strategy with your business strategy and operating model. Application strategy is the foundation for an agile and sustainable enterprise application. We have experience with building effective application selection processes, including request for information (RFI), test cases, invitation to contract, contract negotiation and implementation planning.


We help you manage rapid, controlled ERP implementations through well-proven methods utilising template solutions, conference room pilots and comprehensive testing. We have a high focus on combining business process and solution expertise to provide high value services. 

Global Template/Roll-out

We help you to define the optimal global and local solutions that best fit your business strategy and operations. We help you to maximise the benefits of your (ERP) solutions by developing and deploying standard business processes and solutions to all areas. 

SAP Solutions

We deploy the best fitting SAP solutions. We understand and fulfil business requirements by combining strong business understanding and extensive SAP experience.

We have extensive experience within logistics, demand and supply planning, production planning and execution based on SAP SCM and SAP ERP.  

Business Intelligence

We help you to make better and faster decisions through integrated information and performance management processes. We know practical BI-solutions that provide you the insight needed to make better business decisions.

Master Data Management

We help you to define and implement strategies for enterprise-wide data management. Establishing standards, processes and data governance models to improve and align the data with business requirements.

Akselera is a certified Achilles and Achilles TransQ supplier to the Oil & Gas industry.

Achilles Joint Qualification System (JQS ) is a supplier register and pre-qualification system for players operating in the Norwegian and Danish Oil & Gas sector -linking 8 700+ suppliers to 2 800 buyers in over 50 companies.


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